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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Madonna's Dazzling Performance: The Queen of Pop Shines with Her Greatest Hits


The audience applauded each choreographed step of Madonna as she shared her origins as "broke, hungry and homeless" and passionately kissed a topless dancer. .

When Madonna addressed the crowd for the first time at the O2 Arena (her third song into the opening night of her Celebration tour), it was to express her surprise. "I'm so surprised she's made it this far," she says. “And I mean, on so many levels.”

Well, quite a bit. This is a statement that can be interpreted in several ways. That may be a reference to her life-threatening health issues that have forced her to postpone her current tour, but it appears to be influencing the audience's reaction to tonight's performance. The audience applauded her every choreographed dance step, as if she had triumphed against all odds. This may refer to Madonna's improbability of her becoming the best-selling recording artist of all time, given her poor start.

The first part of the retrospective is consumed by what one might call its origin story: The show's MC, RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen, returns to his hometown with $35 to his name. mentions that he arrived in New York from Michigan. Her performance of "Holiday" will be preceded by a recreation of Paradise Garage, a legendary Manhattan club not famous enough to host Madonna. He plays a distorted guitar on a ramshackle version of ``Burning Up,'' which he apparently played on stage at CBGB when he was still in a band called Breakfast Club. Meanwhile, technical issues with sound (you don't want to be backstage when contacting your reps) mean Madonna has to fill that time with some very funny stories from her younger days. ”Hungry and homeless. She lived for years in a rehearsal studio with no bathroom on the Lower East Side: "I actually went on dates with guys because they had showers! Yeah, blowjobs instead of showers!" ”

Or maybe it's referring to the fact that Madonna is still here, filling arenas and stadiums long after most of her '80s pop peers have passed away (a brief tribute to Prince later in the show) , and is soundtracked by a guitar solo that he contributed). However, it is not included in the released version of this song) or operates under very restricted circumstances. Still, her long-held status as Wikipedia's "Queen of Pop" appears to have been visibly shaken in recent years.

It's been more than a decade since Madonna released a single that reached the US Top 10. Songs that were reasonably expected to be successful (2022's ``Material Girl,'' a review with rapper Saucy Santana, and this year's clearly underwhelming collaboration ``Vulgar'' with Sam Smith) mostly charted. I haven't. Her last tour, a series of stage shows in the ill-fated 2019-2020, saw her back catalog treated as if it were a nuisance, performing 11 songs from the snubbed Madame Balance album. He mostly ignored the hits in favor of reminding the audience of the songs. That's what made her famous in the first place.

The section dealing with her life ends with one of the show's most surprising moments. "Live to Tell" will be rebroadcast as a memorial to those who died in the AIDS epidemic, with Madonna floating above the audience on her podium and large photographs of celebrities projected. The New York nightlife lost to his illness – Keith Haring, Arthur Russell, Robert Mapplethorpe – is projected around him. Some might argue that the show has lost its sense of narrative thread since then. It would be hard to describe this transition, which blends ``Human Nature,'' ``Crazy for You,'' and ``Justify My Love'' with readings of the apocalypse, as anything more than puzzling, but it does have clarity. What it lacks in, it makes up for in the tracklist.

Despite all the Biblical references, Gurdjieff quotes are projected onto the big screen, and there are occasional detours into something approaching deep-cut territory - Madonna's daughter Marcy plays the piano on a cover of Bad Girls. Play - a single but not a blockbuster hit from 1992's Erotica: What the Celebration Tour really does is the simple business of making the crowd explode with hits. Although some may sometimes question her choice of hits (does anyone go to a Madonna concert hoping to hear her version of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"? ), but for the most part she operates very safely. Ground. .

There's a creative recreation of Vogue's Drag Her Balls. She performs "Hung Up" amid writhing topless dancers. One of them is the one he enthusiastically confronts at the song's climax. The Celebration Tour could be seen as a kind of surrender, with the 60-something artist finally admitting that his story is what really matters. Similarly, you can see Madonna playing to her strengths. As “Like a Virgin” and “Ray of Light” resonate on the O2, their strengths certainly seem very strong.