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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Truth Social made Trump richer and gave him a new megaphone. But it’s struggling as a social media site

 When he's not raising horses or working on a construction site, Nick Merchenek, 28, says he spends "a lot" of time on Truth Social, the social media platform created by Donald Trump.

So does Bree Duke, a retiree from northwest Georgia, who said she regularly checks Trump's frequent posts, called "facts."

“I love it,” Duke told CNN. “He has it on my TV and I have it on my phone.”

Both Mirtschink and Duke shared their rave reviews of the app while attending Trump's recent rally in Rome, Georgia, where regular Truth Social users were easy to find. However, outside of the MAGA movement, the social media site is struggling to find a broader audience. She is losing users and her traffic is down. As of November, there were approximately 860,000 active accounts on the site, a small number compared to traditional platforms.

However, on Friday, Digital World Acquisition Corp. agreed to a lucrative merger with Trump Media & Technology Group, owner of Truth Social, that is expected to generate a $1 billion windfall for the former president, just as the problems and legal action mounted. And provisions. He jeopardized his business empire, personal fortune, and campaign finances. However, this will not bring immediate relief, as Trump will not be able to sell his shares for six months.

It's a critical milestone for the social media site as well as Trump, paving the way for the former real estate mogul's return to Wall Street. The company will trade under the symbol DJT, with Trump's initials placed next to some of the world's most recognizable brands and companies, just as Trump Tower did before.

For Trump, whose colorful and aggressive Twitter presence helped chart his path to the presidency, the social media site has also become a new megaphone for his outspoken opinions. His most loyal followers, political reporters, and even his staff and advisors rely on the site to get a window into his latest thoughts, which he shares in dozens of posts daily.

But as Trump as a social media mogul enters his third year, the app's long-term viability (and purpose) remains unclear. Truth Social doesn't pose a serious threat to compete with, let alone Eclipse, The Trump administration warned the media last year that the company was at risk of bankruptcy if the merger did not go through, and most analysts question its current valuation of more than $6 billion.

“It's grossly overvalued,” Jay Ritter, a finance professor at the University of Florida, told CNN this week. “It is considered a meme stock whose price is separate from the underlying value.”

Instead, the extremely high rating appears to be closely linked to Trump's attempt to return to politics. But Truth Social has only proven itself able to survive, let alone thrive, if the nation's eyes are on the site's most famous user.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Quick Shop has a record of cooling machine deals in Goiânia.

 High temperatures will drive the gauzes during the initial three weeks of September

A Quick Shop has recently kept its best execution in cooling machine deals in 2023. Also, the organization is hoping to increment as temperatures increment all through the country. Between the days 03 and 24 we enrolled 100 percent deals in the organization in Goiânia, representing deals in actual stores and not web based business.

To satisfy areas of strength for the that will keep on developing with the beginning of spring, the organization is supporting supplies of cooling machines, fans and air humidifiers in its 11 dissemination habitats and in excess of 80 stores circulated all through the country. country. " We are getting ready for a further expansion in the quest for things that quiet the intensity, ensuring various items and the best conveyance times, as well as administrations like the establishment of gadgets," says Eduardo Salem, head of promoting and computerized channels of the organization.

To animate deals, the organization sent off the 'Seu Momento New' crusade, offering limited things for cooling or intensity, with free transportation and conveyances in the span of 2 hours for Quick Prime clients.

About Quick Shop

A Quick Shop started its activity in 1986, is a reference on the lookout for family and electrical machines and presently has in excess of 80 actual stores in Brazil. Likewise, the organization's online business gets huge number of guests each month. Quick Shop's goal is to amuse every client, by offering the best support and items and administrations that work with individuals' day to day routines, making this experience extraordinary.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Creation of triple pre-salt oil wells in under three years

 The head of Exploração e Produção da Petrobras, Solange Guedes, expressed (28) at the Seaward Innovation Meeting Brazil (OTC), in Rio de Janeiro, that the development season of the pre-salt wells beginning around 2010 has seen a critical decrease of a greater amount of half and features the high efficiency of the pre-salt wells. Triple creation over the most recent 30 months, with the organization's functional productivity arriving at 92.4%, in the keep going two three years by and large.

Solange said that the experience procured throughout seaward investigation and improvement was definitive for the organization to have arrived at the sign of 1 million barrels of comparable oil each day in pre-salt, got in September. " Petrobras has accomplished a special blend of expenses, efficiency and productivity. As an outcome, an exceptionally serious portfolio", expanding that the historical backdrop of seaward investigation by Petrobras since the 70s is workable for progress in pre-salt investigation.

The Libra field, in the pre-salt locale of Bacia de Santos, has four wells bored now and the principal long haul test will happen in 2017. " The main period of creation advancement will be moved in the northeastern area of Libra. The primary long haul test is booked for the main quarter of 2017 and the pilot project for 2020," said Petrobras leader supervisor for the Libra region, Anelise Lara.

Anelise featured the significance of expert social orders in the spread of information for the new ages of professionals in the oil and gas industry and applauded the coordinated work of the multidisciplinary group of Libra projects, which included partners of the five taking part organizations of the consortium that works nearby , framed by the organizations Shell, Absolute, CNPC, CNOOC and Petrobras.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Renault E-Tech 100 percent electric days features ESG activities and the Renault Organization

In its subsequent version, the occasion advances conversations on power, maintainable versatility arrangements and socio-natural administration activities

The ESG activities of Renault in Brazil and the Renault Organization feature the second version of the Renault E-Tech 100 percent electric days, held at the Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, at Parque Ibirapuera (SP) between September 21 and 22. The occasion advanced conversations on significant points, for example, power, maintainable versatility arrangements and ESG, the abbreviation for socio-natural administration activities.

The ESG ideas are at the focal point of the development of Renault's business procedure in Brazil and consequently, as ESG activities completed by the brand and the showroom network are the focal subject of one of the fundamental stands of the occasion.


Taking on a 100 percent reasonable plan, the space was worked from the reuse of materials, for example, reforested wood chips, water-based inks and the use of living vegetation, with establishing in a nursery of plants after use.Likewise, objects from the auto universe have been re-meant to make up the landscape of the stand, for example, seat straps, vehicle seats, seats, tires, among different things.Guests will actually want to find out about the principal aftereffects of ESG activities and comprehend how they are associated with the SDGs - UN Supportable Advancement Objectives. Models are the instruction programs Future Youthful Gifts and Future Amazing skill, which contribute straightforwardly to SDG 4 (Quality Schooling). These are concretized through courses for socially weak individuals in the Borda do Campo people group.


In the natural region, the self-creation of spotless and sustainable power of photovoltaic beginning sticks out, declared by the maker in July 2023, which will supply 100 percent of the electric energy to Renault in Brazil by December of this current year, adding to the SDG 13 (Ação against the worldwide difference in environment).

"Renault is an others conscious, warm, creative and dependable organization. The ventures that can be granted are not ESG just a few instances of the endless activities of the social and manageability plan of Renault do Brasil, which are distributed straightforwardly in our Maintainability Report, accessible to everybody through the Site of Renault do Brasil ", features Ricardo Gondo, leader of Renault do Brasil.

The consideration and wellbeing drives, created by the Renault Organization, feature the display and showcasing of Associação Borda Viva's items. The social business has reused in excess of 12 tons of auto material beginning around 2015. The advanced and intuitive rounds of the "O travel e eu" project, instruction program for traffic security, have affected in excess of 260 thousand youngsters.


The second version of Renault E-tech 100 percent electric days extended with conversations on ESG, like the board "ESG, from hypothesis to rehearse inside organizations and their effect on society", with the interest of the VP of the Renault Foundation, Caique Ferreira, confidential area trained professionals and directed by Denise Slopes, trailblazer of the SDGs for UN Manageable Money.

Thusly, the board "The chances of 'S', inside the ESG producing social effect", incorporates the investment of non-issue specialists, including the leader overseer of the Renault Organization, Graziela Pontes, under the arbitrator of the writer Lana Pinheiro, proofreader of the channel "ESG by Lana Pinheiro".

"Empowering conversations around the ESG rules is one of the two targets of Renault E-Tech 100 percent electric days. The second release of the occasion showed us that we are on the correct way, uniting the various entertainers of private and public drives, trained professionals and general society to keep developing without issue," says Caique Ferreira, VP of the Renault Organization.


In organization with the Patricia Medrado Foundation, the Renault Establishment does drives with the target of democratizing tennis and advancing games in open regions, advancing people in the future of world tennis.

Something like August, the redesign of a multi-sports quadra was finished at the Brought together Instructive Center (CEU) Campo Limpo, in São Paulo, helping youngsters and teenagers in circumstances of social weakness.

The kids and youngsters upheld by the venture were welcome to take part in a tennis title, hung on the Ibirapuera Park road blocks, which were totally remodeled by Renault and conveyed to the populace no later than June. On the 6th fair, 22, the passing stages were hung on Saturday, 23, as great finals, advancing even through sports.

Renault E-Tech 100 percent electric days

The second version of Renault E-Tech 100 percent electric days is upheld for the second successive year by Assemble, Raízen Power and WEG. This year, the occasion is additionally upheld by Robert Bosch Latin America.

Raízen Power partakes by ensuring zero fluid fossil fuel byproducts connected with electrical energy, through the enlistment of carbon credits, a universally affirmed way that adds to the moderation of the oven impact in the environment. The chargers to supply the Megane E-Tech 100 % power during the occasion foram accessible by WEG and e-horde, with establishment completed by Neoenergia. They are likewise allies of the AMBEV occasion, Nestlé and Sprinkle metropolitan beverages.

Monday, September 25, 2023

10 economical practices that are changing the world in 2023

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In the midst of discussions about environment changes and the quest for a greener future, maintainability transforms into two watchwords. In 2023, a few creative practices are called to your consideration, and in this article, we feature 10 that are truly having an effect. Prepare to be roused and be important for this insurgency!

Zero-Squander Shopping:

Zero-Squander Shopping, or "shopping without squander", addresses a cognizant development in utilization, looking to diminish squander creation to the greatest. Rather than disposing of bundling and single-use items, this development urges customers to discard their own holders, reuse them and decide on items with biodegradable or recyclable bundling. The outcome is a more maintainable buying experience that limits environmental effect, yet in addition advances an adjustment of mindset with respect to individual and aggregate liability comparable to the planet.

Maintainable Style:

Manageable Design is an immediate reaction to developing worries about the natural and moral effects of the style business. It focuses on the utilization of environmental materials, moral creation cycles and practices that drag out the helpful existence of parts. As well as zeroing in on eco-accommodating textures, for example, natural cotton and reused strands, manageable style additionally resolves issues, for example, fair work and straightforwardness in the creation chain. By selecting this design perspective, customers don't just communicate their own style, yet in addition their obligation to an additional dependable and adjusted future.

Local area Sun oriented Energy:

Local area Sun based Energy addresses a democratizing development in the field of sustainable power sources. Rather than every home or foundation of its own sun based assortment framework, neighborhoods and whole networks join to introduce sets of sun powered chargers, sharing the advantages created. This approach not just makes sun oriented energy reception more available and powerful, yet in addition reinforces local area ties, advances nearby natural training and empowers energy autonomy, diminishing reliance on non-sustainable sources and the adverse consequences related with them.

Plant-Based Food varieties:

Plant-Based Food varieties, or plant-based food sources, have arisen as a progressive pattern in nourishment and cognizant utilization. Removing two results of creature beginning, this food approach centers around normal, entire and prevalently plant-based fixings, giving advantages to both individual wellbeing and the climate. By diminishing interest for results of creature beginning, plant-based food varieties add to decreased carbon impression, diminished utilization of water assets and less deforestation. Besides, with culinary advancement, these choices are turning out to be progressively scrumptious and flexible, testing the customary insight that veggie lover food is restricted or bland.

Natural Schooling:

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Natural Instruction is an instructive methodology that incorporates ecological mindfulness into the instructive cycle, intending to frame cognizant and dependable urban communities for the planet. Rather than regarding nature as a confined subject, it saturated all disciplines, empowering understudies to figure out the interconnections between society, economy and the climate. This training isn't restricted to the transmission of data, yet additionally empowers economical practices, basic reflection on the effect of our activities and the valorization of nature as a key component for endurance and human prosperity. In a world progressively impacted by climatic changes and natural difficulties, biological schooling turns into a fundamental device for building an additional manageable and amicable future.

Green Transportation:

Green Vehicle is focused on a transformation in the manner we move, focusing on transportation strategies that limit ecological effects and contamination emanations. From bikes and electric vehicles to public vehicle frameworks controlled by sustainable sources, this methodology features the direness of diminishing our reliance on petroleum derivatives. The reception of green vehicle doesn't just add to the improvement of the nature of the air and the decrease of the oven's effectiveness, yet additionally advances a metropolitan rebuild, with additional available urban communities, more secure and more productive for individuals, and not only for vehicles. In our current reality where versatility is vital, green transportation arises as a coordinated arrangement that benefits both the climate and the personal satisfaction of the two urban communities.

Cognizant The travel industry:

Cognizant The travel industry is a movement approach that focuses on regard and conservation of nearby societies, including the indigenous habitat of the objections visited. Rather than mass the travel industry, which frequently over-burdens and investigates well known objections, cognizant the travel industry looks to make legitimate encounters, empowering voyagers to participate in a dependable and economical manner. This training values the neighborhood economy, limits natural effect and advances real cooperation among guests and host networks. In the midst of developing worldwide mindfulness, cognizant the travel industry addresses an approach to investigating the world, enhancing itself with its miracles without undermining its honesty or supportability.

Metropolitan Horticulture:

Metropolitan Farming is an inventive reaction to the food and ecological difficulties of contemporary urban communities. Changing inactive spaces into useful regions, for example, rooftops, walkways and empty parcels, this training not just brings purchasers food closer, diminishing fossil fuel byproducts related with transportation, yet in addition renews metropolitan regions, advancing biodiversity and further developing air quality. With two natural advantages, metropolitan agribusiness reinforces networks, empowering joint effort among ranchers and protecting customary horticultural procedures adjusted to the city climate. In an undeniably urbanized world, this approach addresses an amicable combination between the sped up speed of urban communities and the fundamental association with nature.

Round Economy:

The Round Economy breaks the conventional straight model of "produce, consume and dispose of", proposing a framework where waste and end-of-life items are reused, reestablished and reused, getting back to the creation cycle. This worldview plans to expand the worth and utility of assets, lessening waste and extraction of new materials to a base. In its pith, a roundabout economy imitates normal frameworks, where nothing is squandered and everything assumes a significant part in persistent patterns of recovery. By taking on this methodology, organizations and social orders ease tension on the climate, yet in addition open new financial open doors, ensuring long haul maintainability and thriving.

Innovation for Manageability:

Innovation for Manageability denotes the intersection between advanced development and the quest for a naturally adjusted future. From applications that screen fossil fuel byproducts to man-made consciousness answers for streamline the utilization of assets in businesses, innovation is turning into a crucial partner in the day to lessen ecological effects and advance supportable practices. As well as working with observing and asset the executives, these mechanical instruments likewise instruct and draw in people, permitting every individual to comprehend and proactively assume their part inside the worldwide environment. In a time of fast changes, the association of innovation with manageability addresses trust and unmistakable answers for the difficulties of the 21st 100 years.

2023 has been a milestone year for supportability. As an association of networks, organizations and people, we are making ready for a greener future. Have you taken in any of these practices?

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Wi-Fi Mysteries; mocinho ou vilão? Discover!


Wi-Fi: considerably more than simply a web association

In our long stretches of leafing, Wi-Fi is an irreplaceable piece of our day to day routine. The vast majority of us partner this innovation just with a remote association with the Web, permitting our gadgets to peruse the web, transfer recordings or play on the web. Be that as it may, the capability of Wi-Fi fluctuates incredibly past straightforward route. We should investigate a portion of the less notable, additional captivating utilizations of innovation.

Movement Location:

Analysts have investigated Wi-Fi's capacity to identify developments, even through walls. By dissecting developments on radio waves, it is feasible to recognize developments in the climate, which might be valuable for private security or computerization frameworks.

Respiratory Accessibility:

In clinical circumstances, Wi-Fi has been utilized to screen patients' relaxing. Wi-Fi waves can recognize the extension and compression of the chest, permitting the assessment of the respiratory rate with next to no meddlesome gear.

Multidisc gauge:

At large events or public settings, Wi-Fi can be utilized to gauge the quantity of individuals present. By assessing the quantity of gadgets attempting to interface with an organization or essentially breaking down the "clamor" of the climate, getting a gauge of the quantity of data is conceivable.

Inside Area:

GPS isn't extremely compelling inside structures. Nonetheless, Wi-Fi can be utilized for triangulation, serving to precisely find gadgets in dated conditions, like shopping centers or air terminals.

Shrewd Horticulture:

In ranches, Wi-Fi is being utilized to associate a few sensors conveyed over huge regions. These sensors can screen the moistness, climatic circumstances and, surprisingly, the strength of plants, sending data continuously to ranchers.

Workmanship and Amusement:

Specialists are starting to integrate Wi-Fi into their offices to make intuitive encounters. Envision a craftsmanship display where presentations change or reage in view of the quantity of individuals in the room or in their developments.

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These are only a portion of the imaginative ways when Wi-Fi is being utilized. As innovation proceeds to develop and more individuals begin to break new ground, it demonstrates that we want more progressive applications for this instrument that was recently viewed as only a method for getting to the Web. The fate of Wi-Fi is brilliant and loaded with neglected conceivable outcomes!

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Man-made reasoning eats Windows 11

Copilot will be additionally coordinated into Microsoft's working framework. The organization likewise dispatches new Surface PCs

The Microsoft occasion held today in New York guaranteed news for the organization's scope of Surface PCs, PCs and work areas. There have been - two new Surface models will before long raise a ruckus around town - however the hero of the occasion has been another person. For a large portion of it, the organization's chiefs, from the president himself, Satya Nadella, to Yusuf Mehdi, the head of promoting, have liked to discuss Copilot, the name that Microsoft has decided for its man-made reasoning and which is currently It will be for all intents and purposes difficult to get away.

Copilot will before long be available in the Windows taskbar, in the Workplace 365 apparatuses, in the program, Edge, in the Bing web crawler. Since it will be, it will try and be in the working framework applications, like Paint or the photograph chief. At the point when it shows up in the following Windows 11 update, which dispatches one week from now, it will try and have its own console alternate route. By squeezing the Windows key on your PC and C you can begin conversing with this man-made reasoning, which is based on similar establishments as Talk GPT and can likewise make pictures thanks to the execution of the as of late reported DALL-E 3.

The organization had proactively coordinated man-made reasoning into a considerable lot of its devices as of late, however presently it will have a firm stage that will move between its various items. " It will integrate setting and insight from the web, work information and what you are presently doing on the PC to offer better help," Mehdi made sense of.

The possibility of a menial helper for the PC isn't new and in a manner Microsoft has proactively attempted to do it with Cortana, yet with serious constraints. Presently, depending on the most recent advances in computerized reasoning, these sorts of conversational applications can be more valuable, assisting a client with looking for a record, coordinate the plan, compose a message or create a show.

It very well may be utilized by voice or basically by composing what is required in regular language and will include essentially limitless powers inside the framework, permitting, for instance, to reorder the windows on the work area or switch between the light and dim method of the connection point.

The new variant of Windows will likewise incorporate a few new highlights not connected with man-made brainpower, like another document wayfarer, local help for compacting and growing RAR records.


Two new PCs are the "representatives" of this new period of Windows, albeit, clearly, the new elements will arrive at all laptops viable with the most recent adaptations of the framework.

Microsoft exploited the occasion to send off the second variant of the Surface PC Studio, a PC intended for inventive clients with a collapsing screen that changes into a computerized material. It utilizes thirteenth era Intel processors and can be designed with Nvdia RTX 4050 or RTX 4060 illustrations cards, very strong GPUs.

It is a gadget with an excessive cost, which surpasses 2,000 euros in its entrance level rendition, yet is centered around fashioners, video and photography editors or software engineers who need power and the flexibility of having the option to draw straightforwardly on the screen thanks to the Surface Pen 2, an advanced pen that has likewise been refreshed and attractively joins to your PC.

More reasonable is the Surface PC Go 3, a more regular PC, with a 12.4-inch contact screen and furnished with twelfth age Intel processors, which addresses a huge leap in power contrasted with the variant that as of not long ago was accessible. sale. In the US the base model will begin at $800. The organization has not yet reported when the machines will be free in Spain or the value they will have.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

YouTube is set to unveil an AI-powered song generator

Concerns are arising among experts regarding a new project, featuring artists including the Colombian musician Juanes. Amidst the ongoing discourse surrounding the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into music, YouTube is poised to introduce the "AI Music Incubator" program. This initiative, harnessing AI technology to compose songs from a catalog accessible to Universal Music, solidifies the label's position as a co-author.

The program's objective is to assemble innovative artists, songwriters, and producers to contribute to YouTube's approach to generative AI in music. The label notes, "Today, our partnership is built on a shared commitment to lead responsibly, as outlined in the AI YouTube Principles, where Artificial Intelligence is built to empower human creativity, not the other way around." Among the participants are artists from diverse genres, including Anitta, Björn Ulvaeus, d4vd, Don Was, Louis Bell, Max Richter, Rodney Jerkins, Rosanne Cash, Ryan Tedder, Yo Gotti, the estate of Frank Sinatra, and Juanes. The Colombian artist expresses a hope for AI's use in the project to be "in a respectful and ethical manner."

Lucian Grainge, Chairman of Universal Music Group, articulates that AI will never replace human creativity as it lacks the quintessential spark that propels talented artists to create their best work. The anticipation extends to artists like Bob Dylan, who sold his catalog to Universal at the outset of the pandemic. Universal emphasizes principles that will govern their new direction in the music industry. This includes responsible AI integration with music partners, ensuring safeguards, unlocking opportunities, and fostering a secure content organization.

While these principles underpin a responsible approach to the project, some experts voice concerns. Spanish artist Ainara LeGardon cautions that record companies may eventually find human artists dispensable, leading to a system that thrives without artist involvement. Additionally, music streaming specialist Alberto Arenal, in conversation with the same medium, criticizes Universal's stance, noting a shift in their viewpoint on AI practices.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Chemical imaging technology reveals hidden details in Egyptian paintings

 Portable chemical imaging can reveal hidden details in ancient Egyptian paintings, according to a study published July 12, 2023 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Philippe Martinez of Sorbonne University in France and colleagues from the University of Liege in Belgium.

Ancient Egyptian painting is generally considered the result of a highly formalized workflow, resulting in skilled artwork. However, most studies of these paintings and the process of their creation have been conducted in museums or laboratories. For the study, Martinez and colleagues used a portable device to chemically image the painting’s original background to analyze paint composition and layering, and to identify changes made to ancient paintings.

A detailed analysis has been carried out of two paintings, both located in the crypt chapel of the Necropolis of Thebes near the Nile, dating from the time of Ramesses. In the first painting, the researchers were able to identify a change in the position of the figure’s arms, although the reason for this relatively small change is unclear. In the second painting, the analysis found several adjustments to the crown and other royal objects depicted on the portrait of Ramses II, a series of changes likely related to some changes in symbolism over time.

Such alterations to paintings are thought to be rare in this type of art, but the researchers believe the findings require further investigation. Many uncertainties remain about the causes and timing behind the observed changes, some of which may be resolved by future analyses. The study also demonstrates the utility of portable chemical imaging techniques for studying ancient paintings in situ.

Portrait of Ramesses II from the Tomb of Nakhtamon, Lord of the Altar of the Temple of Ramses (Tomb TT 341, probably 20th Dynasty, c. 1100 BC). Image credit: Martinez et al.

The author adds: “These findings clearly call for a systematic and closer examination of Egyptian paintings using physicochemical characterization.”

Journal reference:

  1. Martinez P, Alfeld M, Defeyt C, Elleithy H, Glanville H, Hartwig M, et al. (2023) Observing hidden mysteries in ancient Egyptian paintings from the Necropolis of Thebes through in situ XRF mapping. PLOS ONE 18(7):e0287647. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0287647

Birmingham start-up awarded funding for technology that generates water out of air

 The founders met during college as a graduate researcher. Their company is providing solutions to the global water scarcity crisis.

NovNat Tech Ltd, a visionary new company based in the Unit 9 incubator at Birmingham Research Park, has received funding from Innovate UK to develop a new technology that can generate water from air.

NovNat Tech is providing solutions to one of the most critical issues of today and tomorrow – the global water scarcity crisis, and is developing the first of its kind “Atmospheric Water Harvester” to help address global water scarcity.

The harvesting device uses a proprietary material whose water-absorbing properties have been rigorously tested and demonstrated ground-breaking performance, capturing and releasing water from the air faster than any existing material and with the required energy less.

Funding from the UK Innovation Fund will support the development of an on-board atmospheric water generator that can produce clean water on the move. The five-month project will allow the company to further expand the core technology and intellectual property developed to date. .

Founders Abdulbari Belouafi and Ibrahim Albaik first met as postgraduate research fellows at the University of Birmingham before working on the development of this ground-breaking technology, which is protected by extensive patents.

They then joined UoB Elevate, an incubator and business growth program for University of Birmingham students and graduates, before founding NovNat Tech, an engineering design firm developing water harvesting systems enabled by advanced materials.

While innovators see broad applications for their technologies, the University’s entrepreneurs-in-residence help them focus their thinking and shape their business propositions.

The innovator applied for and was awarded a grant from the Climate Innovation Platform and entered Unit 9 to build a prototype that can harvest water from the air, use waste heat from various processes within buildings to produce drinking water, and achieve a net-zero water carbon footprint.

Abdul Barry said: “As first-time innovators, we didn’t know the extent of support we could get. Monthly tenant meetings allowed us to discuss current challenges, information sharing and Signposts are really valuable.”

Unit 9, the University of Birmingham’s business incubator, offers flexible, low-cost facilities to cater to aspiring companies needing space for medical research, proof of concept or prototyping activities. For information on spaces or facilities please contact Angie Reynolds, Head of Birmingham Research Park.

DFS Revamps Online Customer Experience With AI-powered Chatbot Technology – 365 RETAIL

 Couch specialist DFS has partnered with, a global leader in conversational commerce cloud software, to enhance its customer experience. The partnership will enable DFS to provide improved and more innovative services to customers through the artificial intelligence chatbot ‘Sofia’.

In the multi-year agreement, DFS will integrate’s conversational AI chatbot technology into its existing platform to help automate conversations, deliver a superior customer experience and build stronger relationships. By using product features such as conversations, intents, and a question-and-answer database, “Sofia” enables customers to more easily obtain the correct information they need, such as “Where’s My Order” (WISMO) requests, delivery status updates, and product information, reducing Order quantity inquiries are put into a queue to chat with a live customer service agent.

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Ensuring customers follow the correct conversation flow can facilitate a more personalized experience and can direct customers to specific teams should they have further questions right away. Since the introduction of “Sophia”, the recognition rate has increased from 52% to 67%. As a result, 8% fewer inquiries were routed to the wrong team, which meant customers were diverted to the correct team of experts to support their queries in the first place, resulting in a 29% increase in customer satisfaction. Overall, the percentage of sales converted by chatbots increased from 4.51% to 7.09%. recently integrated generative artificial intelligence through a partnership with market-leading artificial intelligence company OpenAI, providing businesses with the ability to predict and pre-populate the queries customers are likely to ask. This shortens the onboarding process, meaning DFS can start meeting customers’ needs sooner and enhancing the overall experience. Through continuous learning and regular reporting, the team provides DFS with weekly recommendations for further improvement based on customer behavior and interactions.

James Matthews, Country Manager for the UK and Ireland at said:“We are delighted to support DFS in its goal to enhance and improve the customer experience. As we have seen from the beginning, DFS is a business that embraces technology and I look forward to seeing the further value and benefits gained from leveraging artificial intelligence technologies.” With our combined vision and expertise, we can deliver an exceptional experience, support business growth and truly put the customer first.”

Commented by Sam Windridge, Head of Business Development, “DFS is a household name with a strong focus on continuously improving the customer experience by taking an innovative, technology-first approach.’s AI chatbot technology has revolutionized the online customer experience for several of the world’s leading companies, and we are now very proud Ability to support DFS’s continued ambition and success by delivering rapid, tangible improvements to its employees and clients, helping to foster strong client base relationships.”

Kai Bentley, DFS Technology Business Partner, said: “We’re always looking at how we can continue to deliver great customer service and recognize that a new approach is needed to provide consumers with an agile, fast and seamless online experience.’s Best Practices for Identifying DFS Best Solutions, Chatbots We have been impressed with the strength and agility of the technology and the ease of use for our staff and customers. The ability to make regular updates and improvements based on customer inquiries will ensure that we continue to enhance the services we offer, supporting long-term business growth.”

ClassOne Technology Secures Order from Menlo Microsystems

 KALISPELL, Montana, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ClassOne Technology, a leading global supplier of advanced plating and wet processing tools for microelectronics manufacturing, announced today that it has secured an order from Solstice® S8 Single Wafer Handling System from award-winning Menlo Microsystems (Irvine, CA). The ClassOne system will be shipped in mid-winter to Menlo Microsystems’ new facility in Lansing Village, New York, where it will be used in high-volume production of the company’s Ideal Switch®.

Ideal Switches from Menlo Microsystems® The technology combines the advantages of electromechanical and solid-state switches to create the best of both worlds, reducing switch size, weight, power consumption and cost by 99%. Industries that benefit from Menlo Microsystems Ideal Switches include aerospace and defense, telecommunications, medical, industrial IoT, and test and measurement.

“With the launch of our new Ideal Fab™, we are ready to move our technology to land and transfer our Ideal Switch production® Russ Garcia, CEO of Menlo Microsystems, said: “Solstice S8 will help us achieve our manufacturing goals. We are very grateful to the ClassOne team for their expertise and collaboration in process and tool configuration to help meet our stringent manufacturing requirements.”

Built on ClassOne’s state-of-the-art high-throughput Solstice platform, the versatile Solstice S8 can perform a range of plating and surface treatment processes on a single system. Suitable for R&D and high-volume manufacturing, Solstice’s flexible design allows users to create custom turnkey solutions by mixing and matching the processes required for Menlo Microsystems’ patented Ideal Switch manufacturing process.

Byron Exarcos, CEO of ClassOne Technology, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with a true innovator like Menlo Microsystems, who have completely reimagined switching technology. Partnering with this exciting technology company expands our diverse customer base Group, while further validating our industry leadership in 5G and IoT technologies such as RF, semiconductors and compound semiconductors.”

Click here to learn more about ClassOne’s complete Solstice single-wafer platform offering, or click here to request a demo.

About ClassOne Technology
ClassOne Technology is a leading supplier of advanced plating and wet processing systems for the global semiconductor and microelectronic device manufacturing. Its advanced IP portfolio includes highly customized, cost-effective processing solutions for critical wafer processes for the fabrication of compound semiconductor devices for the photonics, power, 5G, microLED, MEMS and sensor markets. ClassOne’s flagship product, Solstice, is equipped with tools installed in the world’s leading fabs and research institutions® The platform is highly configurable to include fully automated and semi-automated plating and wet processing applications with the industry’s most competitive ROI. For more information, visit

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About Menlo Microsystems, Inc.
Menlo Micro’s mission is to create a more energy efficient and sustainable world through a whole new class of electronic switches.ideal switch® Eliminate compromises and trade-offs by combining the advantages of electromechanical and solid-state switches. Menlo brings over 99% reduction in size, weight, power consumption and cost to dozens of industries including medical, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial IoT and test and measurement. For more information, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Artificial Intelligence Technology : AITX’s Subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Partners with GardaWorld Security Systems – Form 8-K

 AITX Subsidiary Robot Assist Partners with GardaWorld Security Systems

DETROIT, Michigan, July 12, 2023 – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTCPK: AITX), and its wholly owned subsidiaries Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD) and GardaWorld Security Systems, today announced that New partnership established to provide RAD products to GardaWorld Security Systems customers in Canada.

“We are very excited to be working with RAD to deploy AI-equipped robotic devices across Canada. RAD’s solution provides the perfect add-on technology for our existing physical security customers to enhance situational awareness through AI,” said National Vice President Scott Young said President of GardaWorld Security Systems and Technologies.

This new partnership demonstrates GardaWorld Security Systems’ commitment to delivering innovative technology. Young added: “AI applications will take the security industry by storm in 2023, and we are excited to expand our product lineup to offer this new technology to our Canadian customers, a company that has been building advanced AI technologies for years. .”

The companies noted that the partnership is an extension of GardaWorld’s existing authorized reseller agreement with RAD. GardaWorld Security Systems & Technology is now authorized to sell RAD solutions throughout Canada.

Young concluded: “These products provide low-cost, AI-driven remote video surveillance solutions for enhanced threat/incident identification, including firearm detection, with automation and two-way voice communication.”

Mark Folmer, RAD President, CPP, PSP, FSyI, said: “At RAD, our focus is on taking AI-powered robotic devices and addressing safety in a different way. It’s a huge step forward, but most importantly for our Canadian end users, who will soon benefit from the RAD equipment GardaWorld has to offer.”

The companies noted that the focus will be on RAD’s ROSA and AVA security solutions. Folmer added: “RAD’s ROSA appliance (stands for Responsive Observation Security Agent) provides basic security services once reserved for security officers. And AVA (stands for Autonomous Authenticated Access) is a workflow appliance. Think of that security officer in a doors, and those basic authentication functions that can now be performed by devices.”

About GardaWorld Security Systems

The GardaWorld Security System is part of GardaWorld’s complete security solution, combining physical security with innovative security technology. GardaWorld is one of the world’s largest private security services and cash services companies, providing physical security services, security systems and technologies, end-to-end cash management solutions and security risk management through Crisis24. We are the partner of choice for private businesses, governments, humanitarian organizations and multinational corporations. With more than 132,000 dedicated and highly qualified professionals, we serve a diverse client base in North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In the complex world we live in, our reputation depends on the quality of our services and the commitment and integrity of our people. For more information, visit

Cautionary Disclosure Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

The information contained in this publication does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”). This publication contains forward-looking statements that are not guarantees of future performance and may involve subjective judgment and analysis. The information presented herein is believed to be accurate and reliable, but the company makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to its accuracy or completeness. Company is under no obligation to provide additional updated information to recipients. Nothing in this publication should be construed as any indication of the company’s future earnings, operating performance or stock price.

About Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX)

AITX is an innovator in delivering artificial intelligence-based solutions that enable organizations to gain new insights, solve complex challenges and spark new business ideas. Through its next-generation robotics products, AITX’s RAD, RAD-M and RAD-G companies help organizations simplify operations, increase ROI and enhance their business. AITX technology improves the simplicity and affordability of patrolling and guarding services, freeing experienced personnel to focus on more strategic tasks. Customers can augment existing workforce capabilities and gain higher levels of situational awareness, all at significantly reduced costs. AITX solutions are ideal for use across multiple industries including enterprise, government, transportation, critical infrastructure, education, and healthcare. To learn more, visit,,, and, or follow Steve Reinharz on Twitter @SteveReinharz.

media contact

AITX / Robotic Auxiliary Equipment:

Steve Reinhardt


@Steve Reinhardt

GardaWorld Security System:

SparingVision sells ex vivo GIRK technology to Tenpoint

 savings vision Sell in vitro Gilke tTechnology arrive ten o’clock therapy

  • savings vision remains focusedit At In vivo genomic medicineGIRK-based gene therapy candidate SPVN20 expected to reach clinical stage in 2024
  • vision preservation reception fair, milestone to pays, and royalties

Paris, July 12, Chapter 2023 – SparingVision (the “Company”), a clinical-stage genomic medicine company developing vision-saving treatments for eye diseases, announced today that it has sold its ex-vivo GIRK1 Technology transferred to Tenpoint Therapeutics (“Tenpoint”).

SparingVision acquired GIRK technology in April 2021 through the acquisition of GAMUT Therapeutics (“GAMUT”), which has developed a portfolio around GIRK for the restoration of visual function in dormant cones. The acquisition adds SparingVision’s second breakthrough product, SPVN20, to its leading pipeline of genomic medicines.

The core focus of SparingVision is to live Since acquiring GAMUT, it has been looking to harness the potential of its technology previous life Gilke Technology. SparingVision, along with GAMUT’s historical shareholders, including venture capital firm AdBio Partners, will spin off these assets into a separate company called GAMUT Cell Therapeutics (“GCT”) in 2021.Under the terms of the agreement, Tenpoint acquired GCT, gaining exclusive clinical and commercial rights to in vitro Application of GIRK technology. In return, SparingVision becomes a minority shareholder in Tenpoint and will receive milestone payments and royalties.

The GIRK technology is based on the work of Dr. Deniz Dalkara and Dr. Olivier Goureau at the Institut de la Vision in Paris. SPVN20 encodes a variant of GIRK and is an AAV vector-based product uniquely positioned to restore vision and color vision in patients with advanced retinitis pigmentosa and other inherited retinal diseases (IRDs). SPVN20 is currently undergoing IND-enabling studies and is expected to be submitted for clinical trials in early 2024.

SparingVision President and CEO Stéphane Boissel said: we believe that tGIRK technology has great potential This transaction is related to ten o’clock will help advance the development of ex vivo GIRK technology as we remain fully focused on Our in vivo strategy. SPVN20 is an IVT-licensed capsid-based AAV gene therapy aimed at restoring vision and color Vision in advanced retinitis pigmentosa (RP) patients with dormant cones independent of causative gene mutations. us expect progressBritain SPVN20 Enter the clinic at 2024 we look forward to seeing See ten o’clock growing“.


Contact information:

savings vision
Stephen BothellPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Natalie TrepoInvestor Relations
Strategic Communications Planning
Amber Fennell, Genevieve Wilson, Davide Salwai+44 (0)20 3709 5700

Notes to editors:

About SparingVision
SparingVision is a clinical-stage genomic medicines company with a mission to translate groundbreaking science into sight-saving treatments. Drawing on an unparalleled understanding of retinal diseases, SparingVision has built the world’s most compelling portfolio of synergistic cutting-edge gene therapy and genome editing therapeutics for inherited retinal diseases (IRDs). Both its state-of-the-art products, SPVN06 and SPVN20, hope to go beyond single-gene correction therapies to provide new mutation-agnostic treatments for retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a group of IRDs that are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. The company also has a strategic collaboration with Intellia Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NTLA ) to use CRISPR-Cas9 technology to develop novel genome editing-based treatments for eye diseases.

SparingVision was spun out from the Institut de la Vision in Paris and is backed by quality international investors including 4BIO Capital, AdBio Partners, Bpifrance, Fondation Voir & Entendre, Intellia Therapeutics, Jeito Capital, RD Fund (US), UPMC Enterprises and Isios Capital.

Visit to learn more and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @SparingVision.

1GIRK: G protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium channel

Bridging the gap: Health care technology that combines clinical expertise with real-time data

 Healthcare technology provides increasingly advanced management and operational solutions for payers, providers and care teams. With clinically informed technology supporting patient-centered care, healthcare organizations can deliver care support and best practices that are efficient, effective, and integrated to common goals.

How Clinical Technology Can Help Payers

Technology informed by clinicians and supported by clinical data enables access to evidence-based treatment options. It improves patient outcomes while minimizing wasteful expenditures and unnecessary treatments or procedures. Providing patients with unnecessary treatments can lead to poor quality of care, not to mention unwanted side effects and outcomes, including toxicity. The ability to capture clinical outcomes, make a diagnosis, and quickly comply with the most effective evidence-based indications from the vast amount of data available can significantly improve provider efficiency. It also allows patients to achieve what matters most – better health and appropriate treatment.

Here’s how technology can improve efficiency across the healthcare continuum:

Eliminate costly and confusing benefit options

Technology solutions that provide payer and provider collaboration enable different entities to share and improve operational efficiencies by automating manual processes and eliminating redundancies, saving operational time and costs. Collaborative technology allows for the rapid sharing of critical administrative, clinical and population health management information for two-way information exchange between payer and provider networks. For example, payers can better manage costs through streamlined authorization workflows that facilitate expedited care for evidence-based practices.

Integrate disparate data and health management

Through a collaborative system that combines technology and healthcare clinical expertise, providers and payers are better able to bring disparate data points together while enabling better work among providers, payers, caregivers and patients process.

A major benefit offered by clinically informed technology is simplified prior authorization processes and care planning. With the added complexity of healthcare policy guidelines and standards, this process can place a burden on payers, providers, and patients. While these solutions are designed by professionals with first-hand experience submitting and facilitating prior authorization, their expertise is critical to streamlining the application of real-time exchange of clinical, financial and administrative documents, building trust between payers and providers is very precious.

easier collaboration

When member verification and insurance underwriting information is available in real-time, provider offices can more easily ensure they have access to detailed co-pays, deductibles and benefit information.

Systems that combine technology with clinical healthcare expertise also provide providers and payers with tools to help manage reimbursement. Health plans can enable providers to access up-to-date mandates and historical clinical information through integrated electronic medical records (EMR). These capabilities enable primary care physicians and specialists to guide patients and caregivers to the highest quality providers and best care plans at the most affordable cost.

Reduce care fragmentation

Collaboration between technology and clinical expertise emphasizes improving patient outcomes and satisfaction while reducing total healthcare costs by reducing fragmentation within the system. The more clinical knowledge is integrated with technologies designed to address real-world healthcare dynamics, the faster providers can complete different aspects and phases of care.

Ultimately, payers and providers will benefit from increased operational efficiency, simplified communication, cost savings, and reduced administrative complexity. The less challenges, redundancies, and misleading patients face, the better the experience with health outcomes.

Payers can employ comprehensive solutions to ensure their members receive the best healthcare options in an ever-changing healthcare system. Solutions that eliminate error-prone manual processes and bring cohesiveness to clinician and payer dynamics are the next big thing in healthcare.

Clarice Holmes, RN is the Senior Director of Clinical Knowledge Management, Nantes Health.

Spend more time on patients, less on managing technology

 Content sponsored by Schulz Technology Solutions

in a recent episode dvm360 Live!™, host Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, offers an insightful interview with Schultz Technology founder Baran Schultz. With a passion for animals and a commitment to advancing veterinary care through technology, Schultz is committed to having his company provide comprehensive IT solutions to veterinary practices. In this interview, Schultz shares his insights on the importance of on-site consultations, the ever-evolving landscape of veterinary technology and the significant advantages of the innovative software Fetchit. Let’s explore the highlights of this informative conversation.

Live Demos and Consultations: Enhanced Understanding and Experience

Schultz emphasized the importance of live demonstrations and consultations, explaining how hands-on experience can make technology more accessible and less intimidating for veterinary professionals. By conducting site surveys and demonstrating IT infrastructure and phone systems, Schultz Technology enabled clinic staff, especially customer service representatives (CSRs), to familiarize themselves with the equipment and make informed decisions. This personalized approach has proven to be a game-changer, ensuring clinics are confident and satisfied with their technology investments.

Veterinary Technology: A Passionate Drive for Positive Change

Schultz’s love of animals is evident in his dedication to the field of veterinary medicine. Recognizing the need for advanced technology in veterinary medicine, Schulz Technologies is dedicated to educating and instructing veterinary professionals to help them make informed decisions that enhance patient care and clinic management. Their goal is to alleviate technical issues and give clinics the peace of mind to focus on what they do best — caring for patients.

Fetchit: Simplifying Phone System and Patient Records Integration

A standout innovation from Schultz Technology is Fetchit, their proprietary software that seamlessly integrates patient records with the phone system. When a call comes in, the CSR’s screen displays a blue or red bubble indicating whether the caller is associated with an existing patient record. With one click, CSRs can instantly access relevant records without asking for spelling or patient information. Fetchit not only saves valuable time (about a minute per call), but also enhances the customer experience, enabling CSRs to provide personalized and efficient service. It’s a win-win situation for the clinic and its clients.

The Future of Veterinary Technology: Safety, Efficiency, and Expert Instruction

Schultz shares his insights into the evolving landscape of veterinary technology. He highlighted the growing emphasis on physical and internet security, with clinics installing CCTV cameras, panic systems and access controls to protect staff and valuable information. Additionally, Schulz Technologies assists clinics in maximizing overall efficiency, expertly handling technical issues to ensure smooth operations. With nationwide coverage and a commitment to field service, Schultz Technology sets itself apart from other IT companies by providing comprehensive support and personalized solutions for each practice’s unique needs.

How Technology is Transforming Military Surveillance in Latin America


Technology’s Revolutionary Impact on Military Surveillance in Latin America

Technology’s revolutionary impact on military surveillance in Latin America is a testament to the rapid pace of innovation in the 21st century. The region has long been a hotbed of political instability and conflict, but its military surveillance capabilities are being transformed thanks to cutting-edge technology.

In the past, military surveillance in Latin America relied heavily on human intelligence and traditional data collection methods. However, the advent of new technologies has revolutionized the way military surveillance is done. Today, Latin American militaries are augmenting their surveillance capabilities with advanced technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence (AI), and satellite imagery.

For example, drones have become an integral part of military surveillance in the region. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are capable of performing surveillance missions without endangering human life. They can fly over conflict zones, capture high-resolution imagery, and relay real-time information back to command centers. This not only increases the efficiency of surveillance operations, but also minimizes the risk of casualties.

Furthermore, the fusion of AI and military surveillance opens up new possibilities. AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data in real time, identifying patterns and predicting potential threats. This enables military personnel to make informed decisions and respond to threats more quickly and accurately. In Latin America, countries such as Brazil and Mexico are already experimenting with AI in military operations, signaling a shift toward more technologically advanced methods of surveillance.

Satellite imagery is another technology that is transforming military surveillance in Latin America. Satellites capture detailed images of Earth’s surface, providing valuable information about enemy movements and locations. The technology has proven particularly useful in monitoring drug trafficking routes and illegal mining operations, problems that are prevalent in the region.

However, adoption of these technologies is not without challenges. Issues such as data privacy, cybersecurity and the potential for technology misuse are major concerns. Therefore, Latin American countries must ensure that the use of these technologies is regulated and that appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent any potential misuse.

Additionally, the cost of implementing these technologies may be prohibitive for some countries. Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of these technologies in enhancing military surveillance capabilities cannot be ignored. As a result, many Latin American countries are investing heavily in technological advancements to enhance their military capabilities.

In conclusion, the revolutionary impact of technology on military surveillance in Latin America is undeniable. The adoption of drones, artificial intelligence, and satellite imagery has significantly enhanced surveillance capabilities in the region, making military operations more efficient and effective. Despite the challenges, the trend toward more technologically advanced surveillance methods is likely to continue as Latin American countries work to increase their military capabilities and more effectively respond to security threats.

EDXRF technology enables you to monitor environmental contaminants with confidence Envirotech Online

 Elemental Analyzers Are Crucial – Whether you’re monitoring air filter aerosols, industrial wastewater streams for toxic heavy metals, or testing soil – elemental analysis is critical. It fulfills many screening needs and is essential for assessing potential risks posed by pollutants and toxic substances. That’s why accurate, reliable, versatile analyzers are needed to meet a wide range of needs, while still fitting within the budget and taking up a small amount of space in the lab or test facility or convenient for use in the field.

Elemental analysis using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) is one of the simplest, most reliable and most economical analytical techniques. The system is affordable, provides fast, non-destructive analysis, and requires minimal or no sample preparation compared to other techniques. Since many applications require multi-element analysis capability, science EDXRF instruments provide users with the flexibility and reliability to monitor sodium to uranium in virtually any matrix.

Rigaku EDXRF benchtops include the NEX QC series for routine quality control, the NEX DE series for more demanding or small spot analysis applications, and the NEX CG II for complex applications and research.

The NEX QC Series analyzers combine outstanding performance with affordability. These instruments are lightweight, compact and do not require an external PC. An intuitive touchscreen interface, built-in printer, and optional portable rolling case make these instruments easy to use and suitable for virtually any environment – ​​field, factory, or laboratory.

The NEX DE Series analyzers are high performance benchtop analyzers that provide analysts and technicians with a fast, simple and powerful means of monitoring chemicals, toxins and heavy metals. These systems have extremely low detection limits and excellent spectral resolution to detect low single digit ppm trace elements such as arsenic, cadmium and lead.

The NEX CG II is Rigaku’s versatile analyzer ideal for measuring ultra-low and trace element concentrations up to the percentage level. It is ideal for trace element analysis in environmental monitoring applications such as monitoring industrial waste streams to sub-ppm levels, testing soils, and more. NEX CG II excels in complex applications using trace elements and variable base matrices without the need for large numbers of calibration standards.

How an “AI-tocracy” emerges | MIT News

 Many scholars, analysts, and other observers believe that resistance to innovation is the Achilles’ heel of authoritarian regimes. Such governments may not be able to keep up with technological change that favors their opponents; they may also suppress innovative economic activity and weaken the country’s long-term position by stifling rights.

But a new study co-led by MIT professors suggests a very different story. In China, the government is increasingly deploying AI-powered facial recognition technology to quell dissent; has successfully limited protests; and in the process, spurred better AI-based facial recognition tools and other forms of software development.

“We found that in parts of China with more riots, the government increases the procurement of facial recognition AI, followed by local government units such as the city police,” said MIT economist Martin Beraja. Bureau) will also step up its efforts to procure facial recognition AI.” – author of a new paper detailing the findings.

What follows, as the paper notes, is that “AI innovations entrench the regime, and the regime’s investment in AI for political control spurs further frontier innovation.”

Scholars have dubbed this state of affairs “AI domination,” describing an interconnected cycle in which increased deployment of AI-driven technologies can quell dissent while also boosting a country’s ability to innovate.

The open-access paper, also known as “AI-tocracy,” was published in the August issue of Artificial Intelligence. Quarterly Journal of Economics. Co-authors are Beraja, Pentti Kouri Associate Professor of Career Development Economics at MIT; Andrew Kao, PhD Candidate in Economics at Harvard University; David Yang, Professor of Economics at Harvard University; and Noam You, Professor of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science Noam Yuchtman.

To conduct the study, the scholars drew on multiple lines of evidence from much of the past decade. To categorize instances of political unrest in China, they used data from the Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) project, which records news feeds around the world. The team found 9,267 incidents of rioting between 2014 and 2020.

The researchers then examined records from a database maintained by the Chinese Ministry of Finance for nearly 3 million procurement contracts issued by the Chinese government between 2013 and 2019. They found that local government purchases of facial recognition AI services and accompanying public safety tools (high-resolution cameras) surged this quarter following public unrest in the region.

Given that Chinese government officials are apparently responding to public dissent campaigns by enhancing facial recognition technology, the researchers then examined a follow-up question: Is this approach effective in suppressing dissent?

The academics believe it does, although, as they note in the paper, they were “unable to directly estimate” the technology’s impact on political unrest. But as a way to address this question, they looked at the relationship between weather and political unrest in different parts of China. Certain weather conditions favor political unrest. But in parts of China that have already invested heavily in facial recognition technology, such weather conditions are less likely to spark riots than in parts that have not made the same investment.

Along the way, the researchers also considered questions such as whether rising relative wealth levels in certain regions might generate greater investment in AI-driven technologies, regardless of protest patterns. Still, scholars have come to the same conclusion: Facial recognition technology is being deployed in response to past protests, and then to further reduce them.

“This shows that the technology can be effective in quelling unrest,” Bellaja said.

Finally, the research team examined the impact of increased demand for artificial intelligence on China’s tech sector and found that the government’s increased use of facial recognition tools appears to be boosting the country’s tech sector. For example, companies awarded contracts to purchase facial recognition technology produced about 49 percent more software products in the two years after winning government contracts than before.

“We looked at whether this would lead to greater innovation by facial recognition AI companies, and it did,” Bellaja said.

These figures from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also suggest that AI-powered tools do not necessarily “crowd out” other types of high-tech innovation.

In sum, the Chinese example shows how it is possible for authoritarian governments to achieve a near-equilibrium state in which their political power is enhanced rather than subverted as they exploit technological advances.

“In this age of artificial intelligence, when these technologies are not only pro-growth but also repressive, they are very useful for authoritarian regimes,” Beraja said.

The finding also touches on larger questions about the form of government and economic growth. Numerous academic studies have shown that rights-granting democracies do lead to greater economic growth over time, in part by creating better conditions for technological innovation. Bellaja noted that the current study does not contradict previous findings, but when looking at the impact of AI use, it does identify a pathway through which authoritarian governments can achieve more growth than would otherwise be the case. .

“This could lead to more authoritarian institutions growing in parallel with economic growth,” Bellaja added.

Other experts in the field of social applications of AI say the paper makes a valuable contribution to the field.

“This is an excellent and important paper that advances our understanding of the interplay between technology, economic success, and political power,” said Avi Avi, chair of artificial intelligence and healthcare and professor of marketing at the Rotman School of Management. Avi Goldfarb said. University of Toronto. “This paper documents a positive feedback loop between the use of AI facial recognition technology to monitor China’s suppression of local unrest and the development and training of AI models. This paper is groundbreaking research in the fields of AI and political economy. With With the popularity of artificial intelligence, I expect this area of ​​research to increase in importance.”

Academics, for their part, are continuing to work on relevant aspects of this problem. A forthcoming paper of theirs explores the extent to which China exports advanced facial recognition technology around the world, highlighting the mechanisms by which government repression may spread globally.

Partial support for this research was provided by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program; the Harvard Data Science Program; and the British Academy’s Global Professorships Program.