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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

POLITICS Mike Johnson takes risk on separating Israel and Ukraine aid

 House Speaker Mike Johnson on Monday unveiled a proposal to send wartime aid to Israel and Ukraine as he seeks to stave off a right-wing insurgency that could jeopardize his leadership.

The Louisiana Republican said he plans to introduce four separate bills, separating aid to Israel from aid to Ukraine, which has faced strong opposition among some members of his conference. The third measure includes providing aid to Taiwan, and the final bill addresses other Republican foreign policy demands.

“We will not vote on the Senate supplemental bill in its current form, but we will vote on each of these measures separately in four different parts,” Johnson told reporters after his meeting with Republicans in the House of Representatives.

The spokesman said he expected to publish the text of the bills on Tuesday and would then respect the 72-hour rule that gives lawmakers time to read the legislation before voting and allowing amendments. If the measures survive the House Rules Committee, a vote could take place as early as Friday.

Johnson said they are still discussing whether to combine the individual bills into one package before sending them to the Senate for approval, although he would prefer to send them individually. The spokesman called President Biden to update him on his plan to divide the funding on Monday, a White House official confirmed to CBS News.


Mike Johnson risks separating aid to Israel from Ukraine

Written by Caitlin Yelek

Updated on: April 16, 2024 at 9:17 AM. EDT/CBS News

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Mike Johnson on Monday unveiled a proposal to send wartime aid to Israel and Ukraine as he seeks to stave off a right-wing insurgency that could jeopardize his leadership.

The Louisiana Republican said he plans to introduce four separate bills, separating aid to Israel from aid to Ukraine, which has faced strong opposition among some members of his conference. The third measure includes providing aid to Taiwan, and the final bill addresses other Republican foreign policy demands.

“We will not vote on the Senate supplemental bill in its current form, but we will vote on each of these measures separately in four different parts,” Johnson told reporters after his meeting with Republicans in the House of Representatives.

The spokesman said he expected to publish the text of the bills on Tuesday and would then respect the 72-hour rule that gives lawmakers time to read the legislation before voting and allowing amendments. If the measures survive the House Rules Committee, a vote could take place as early as Friday.

Johnson said they are still discussing whether to combine the individual bills into one package before sending them to the Senate for approval, although he would prefer to send them individually. The spokesman called President Biden to update him on his plan to divide the funding on Monday, a White House official confirmed to CBS News.

Johnson resisted pressure from defense hawks in both parties to deliver a $95 billion package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan that passed the Senate in February with bipartisan support. Johnson is struggling to find a way forward amid divisions between Republicans and Democrats over emergency aid to Ukraine and Israel. But an Iranian drone and missile attack over the weekend on Israel, which came in response to an attack on an Iranian consulate in Syria earlier this month, has increased pressure on Johnson to vote on the Senate bill this week. Supporters of the Senate bill believe it has enough support to pass the House.

Putting aid to Ukraine to a vote carries with it the threat of ending his six-month term as president, which was marked by GOP infighting that led to House dysfunction. The narrow majority enjoyed by Republicans in the House of Representatives forced Johnson to repeatedly rely on Democrats to pass major legislation, which angered some conservatives. Republican Representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, threatened to trigger a vote to remove Johnson from office if he went ahead with an aid package for Ukraine.

Green called the proposal "yet another wrong direction" for Johnson, but said she had not yet decided whether to go ahead with trying to oust him.

“I am strongly against the plan as it stands,” Green said after Monday's caucus meeting. “This is a scam

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Olivia Colman says if she were a man, she’d be earning ‘a f**k of a lot more’

 La actriz británica Olivia Colman criticó la brecha salarial de género y dijo que le habrían pagado "mucho más" si fuera hombre.

dijo la estrella, que ganó un Oscar en 2019 por su papel principal como la reina Ana en La favorita de Yorgos Lanthimos, en una entrevista con Christiane Amanpour en CNN.

Allí para discutir su película actual, “Wicked Little Letters”, junto con la directora de la película, Thea Sharrock, Coleman, de 50 años, señaló que no hay justificación para pagar menos a las mujeres que a los hombres.

Ella estaba respondiendo una pregunta planteada por Amanpour a Sharrock, preguntando si las actrices ahora eran consideradas "actrices de gran taquilla".

"Yo diría que sí", dijo Sharrock, antes de que Colman interviniera y dijera: "Las investigaciones sugieren que siempre iba a ser un gran éxito de taquilla, pero decidieron decir..."

Colman, quien interpretó a la reina Isabel II en las temporadas tres y cuatro de The Crown, luego hizo una pausa y agregó: "Ni siquiera me hagas hablar de la disparidad salarial".

Claramente apasionada por el tema, continuó: "A los actores masculinos se les paga más porque solían decir que atraen al público, pero en realidad eso no ha sido cierto durante décadas. Pero todavía les gusta usar eso como una razón para no pagar a las mujeres". tanto como sus homólogos masculinos, especialmente en nuestra industria”.

Amanpour preguntó entonces: ¿Existe alguna disparidad salarial? Quiero decir, ¿eres una actriz ganadora del Oscar, Olivia?

Coleman respondió sin dudarlo: “Soy plenamente consciente de que si yo fuera Oliver Coleman ganaría mucho más de lo que gano”.

Amanpour reaccionó con sorpresa y preguntó: "¿En serio?" "Sí, absolutamente", respondió Coleman.

Dijo que estaba "consciente de (un ejemplo de) una disparidad salarial del 12.000%", aunque no nombró a las personas involucradas.

Colman y Sharrock, quienes también dirigieron Me Before You de 2016, protagonizada por Emilia Clarke, estuvieron allí para hablar sobre su nueva comedia sobre el escándalo de las cartas tóxicas que sacudió una ciudad costera inglesa hace un siglo.

Stanley and country star Lainey Wilson have teamed up on a shimmering new tumbler

 When beverage brand Stanley and country star Lainey Wilson first collaborated on the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState glass in July, the collaboration, dubbed the “Watermelon Moonshine,” sold out in 11 minutes.

Following this success, the duo returns with “Country Gold,” a 40-ounce H2.0 FlowState Quencher sparkling glass, which retails for $55 and is available starting November 14 at 12 noon.

“It was so exciting to see how much people loved the Watermelon Moonshine Quencher, so we decided to do it again!” Wilson says. “The Stanley x Lainey Wilson Country Gold Quencher has an iridescent sparkle that catches your eye and grabs your attention at first glance. Similar to what I look for in my personal taste and style, it makes a statement.”

While the colors are Wilson approved, Country Gold has all the details that made the Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler everyone's favorite. For example, the burgundy handle has comfortable padding on both sides that makes it easy to hold; Fits car cup holder; It has a three-position lid that can accommodate a straw or close completely; It is made from 90% recycled stainless steel that can keep drinks cold for 11 hours or hot for seven hours.

Priced slightly more than the standard $45, 40-ounce H2.0 FlowState, the Country Gold also carries Wilson's initials "LW," which are engraved on the bottom of the glass.

Emily Ratajkowski’s latest flex? Divorce rings

Diamonds are forever, especially for Emily Ratajkowski, who decided to transform her engagement ring into something completely new after splitting from her husband, film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard.

With the help of Alison Schemla, creative director of jewelry brand Alison Lu, Ratajkowski remade her old engagement ring, which featured one pear-shaped and one princess-shaped, into two separate rings.

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“The rings represent my personal evolution,” the model told Vogue. “I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she loses a man.”

Now, the pear-shaped diamond rests on Ratajkowski's pinky finger, while the princess cut is surrounded by more trapezoidal stones and transformed into a shiny new piece.

Ratajkowski went on to explain that she came up with the idea after reading Stephanie Danler's story "The Unravelers" in The Paris Review.

"(It includes) the story of her grandmother's snake ring, which is a ring made of different stones from her different marriages," said Ratajkowski, who catapulted to fame after appearing in the music video for Robin Thicke's song in 2013. lines."

“I loved the idea of a ring that unabashedly represented the many lives a woman has lived.”

The model, who has a son with Bear McClard, added that creating the rings was a "fun project" to work on "in the middle of a huge transition in my life."

"The ring became a symbol for me, a kind of symbol or proof that my life was my own again," he said.

"In some ways, these rings are a reminder that I can be happy in ways I never imagined," she added.

Rebel Wilson hopes to spread a ‘positive message’ by sharing she lost her virginity in her mid-30s

Rebel Wilson is hoping to help young people feel empowered when it comes to sex and intimacy by revealing that she lost her virginity at the age of 35.

"Not everyone has to lose their virginity as a teenager," Wilson told People magazine in an interview published Wednesday about her upcoming memoir, "Rebel Rising." “People can wait until they're ready or wait until they're a little more mature.”

Wilson said he details his personal experience in his memoir and believes it "can be a positive message" to others.

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“Obviously you don't have to wait until you're 30 like me, but you shouldn't feel pressured when you're young,” he said.

Wilson, who described herself as a "late bloomer," told the magazine that when she was 20 she would lie to her friends, saying she "just did it to get over it" when she was 20, or would leave the room when the topic came up. .

If I had been born 20 years later, he said, “I probably would have explored my sexuality more.” “I knew I was attracted to men and that was natural.”

"It was only years later that I met women and had feelings for a woman, and I think that's a sign of where society has reached," he said.

The Australian actress has nothing to hide these days.

In February 2023, Wilson became engaged to Disneyland costume designer Ramona Agrumah. Last November, she became a mother to daughter Royce Lillian via surrogate.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Opinion: RFK Jr.’s VP pick is a missile aimed at Biden

Editor's Note: Paul Begala, Democratic strategist and CNN political commentator, was a political advisor to Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign and served as Clinton's White House adviser. The opinions expressed in this comment are his own. See more opinion articles at .


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s independent presidential campaign may not win, but it could tip the scales in favor of former President Donald Trump. Kennedy's choice Tuesday of Nicole Shanahan, a Democratic donor from Northern California, as her running mate is the latest point of evidence that Robert Kennedy's campaign is a heat-seeking missile aimed at Biden.

Some people, perhaps a little slow to accept, insist on the fantasy that Kennedy will be inspired by Trump, as a vaccine critic and conspiracy monger. By selecting his running mates, RFK Jr. ended that discussion.

WASHINGTON, DC – MAY 16: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. visits "Special Report with Bret Baier" at the FOX News DC office on May 16, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

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Not much is known about Shanahan, the Kennedy woman wants to be one step away from the presidency. She is a 38-year-old lawyer and businesswoman who grew up poor, raised by a single immigrant mother in California. She was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and has used her wealth for various charitable and political causes.

In the political world, she described herself, according to the New York Times, as “a progressive in every sense of the word” and has donated to Democrats such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the representative of California. .Ro Khanna. And Biden. So, yes, I think we can conclude that she was on Team D.

A candidate born with perhaps the most famous name in the history of the Democratic Party has chosen a fellow candidate with a gold-plated Democratic donor history. Surprisingly, according to the Times, just a month ago, Kennedy spoke to Shanahan only once. Perhaps this was all the scrutiny Kennedy needed to choose someone to help him divert Democratic votes.

Common sense tells you that Robert Kennedy Jr. is more likely to get votes from Biden than from Trump. Only the name is the gift. Kennedy's name couldn't be bluer if he had McDonkey's Democratic face.

His great-grandfather, John Francis “Honey Fitz” Fitzgerald, was a Democratic congressman and then Democratic mayor of Boston more than a century ago. Her grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission and later ambassador to Great Britain during Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s father and namesake was a Democratic United States attorney general and a Democratic senator from New York. He was murdered the night he won the California Democratic presidential primary.

Chuck Todd Rona McDaniel Split Video

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Bobby Jr.'s uncle, John F. Kennedy, was a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts, then a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, and then a Democratic president of the United States, and was also the victim of a murderer. Another uncle, Edward M. Kennedy, was elected nine times to the United States Senate. Each time, he ran as a Democrat and held Democratic office. Teddy, like his brother, sought the presidency as a Democrat.

Bobby's brother, Joseph B. Kennedy II, a Democratic congressman. He was also Joe's son, RFK Jr.'s nephew, Joseph P. Kennedy III. Bobby's sister, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, was the Democratic lieutenant governor of Maryland. In 2021 she joined the Biden administration.

Patrick Kennedy, Bobby's cousin, was also a Democratic congressman and represented Rhode Island for 16 years. Bobby's aunt, Jane Kennedy Smith, was ambassador to Ireland during the Clinton administration, and his cousin, Caroline Kennedy, was President Barack Obama's ambassador to Japan and is currently ambassador to Australia in a Democratic administration.

I review this lineage, an unbroken line of Kennedys running or serving as Democrats going back a century and a quarter of a century, to suggest that maybe, just maybe, maybe, maybe, a third-party candidate named Bobby Kennedy Jr. could attract more votes. than the White House. More Democrats than Republicans. Get your boots on: Will a third-party candidate named Trump or Reagan have immediate appeal to Republicans?

As a former Clinton strategist, the stupidest myth I've ever encountered

Who is Nicole Shanahan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vice presidential pick?

 Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, chose Silicon Valley lawyer and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his running mate during a campaign rally Tuesday in his hometown of Oakland, California.

The 38-year-old is entering the race for the first time and is largely unknown to the public outside of tech circles, but he was an early supporter of Kennedy's presidential bid, endorsing him last year when he was still running. in the Democratic primaries.

Shanahan said during her remarks Tuesday that she initially "didn't think much" of Kennedy, but was drawn to her campaign after listening to her interviews, which she said gave her "hope in our democracy".

“I saw an intelligent, compassionate, and reasonable man…I discovered someone speaking openly about issues that, while critically important to human health and well-being, are consistently ignored by our government, and for the first time in a long time. “I felt hope in our democracy,” she said.

Nicole Shanahan waves from the podium during a campaign event for presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Tuesday in Oakland, California.

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The Kennedy campaign hopes that Shanahan's youth and her fluency in anti-establishment rhetoric in the tech world will help broaden and ignite her base of support. Although Shanahan has been more cautious in her statements about vaccines than Kennedy, a major skeptic, he has repeatedly questioned her safety. On Tuesday, Shanahan implicitly made a false suggestion that “pharmaceutical medications,” such as prescriptions and vaccines, could be contributing to higher rates of autism in children.

The deep-pocketed investor could also provide a financial boost to Kennedy's campaign and his bid to appear in the presidential election in all 50 states. The effort has been hampered by requirements in some states that candidates must run alongside their running mate.

"difficult childhood"

Shanahan, originally from Oakland, was raised by a father who suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and a mother who immigrated to the United States from China, according to People magazine. The newspaper reported that her family relied on welfare while she was growing up and struggling to make ends meet.

"I had a very difficult childhood, with a lot of sadness, fear and instability," Shanahan told People magazine. "Sometimes there was violence."

On Tuesday she told fans in Auckland that her father was "struggling with drug abuse" and "fighting to keep her job."

"I think of him when I see the statistics of millions of Americans who are addicted, depressed or struggling," she said. “This is one of the epidemics of our time and it affects almost every American family.

Shanahan briefly referred to her wealth during her remarks, but pointed more forcefully to her low-income upbringing in a family that relied on food stamps.

acha Baron Cohen’s representative responds to Rebel Wilson claims

Rebel Wilson claims Sacha Baron Cohen tried to stop the publication of her upcoming memoir, “Rebel Rising.”

Wilson and Baron Cohen starred together in the film The Brothers Grimsby in 2016.

“I will not be intimidated or silenced by an expensive lawyer or a PR crisis manager,” Wilson wrote on her Instagram Stories on Monday. The “hole” I talk about in a chapter of my book is Sacha Baron Cohen.

Without mentioning Baron Cohen by name, Wilson had previously written on social media: "He is trying to stop the press from announcing my new book. But the book will come out and you will all know the truth."

Wilson did not specify in her blog posts what she wrote about Baron Cohen. However, a spokesperson for the comedian told CNN that Wilson's claims are false.

“While we appreciate the importance of speaking out, these patently false allegations are directly contradicted by extensive and detailed evidence, including contemporary documents, film footage and eyewitness accounts from those present before, during and after the production of The Brothers Grimsby.” . He said.

"When I first came to Hollywood, people were like, yeah, 'I don't have a no-hole policy,' which means, yeah, I don't work with holes.' And I was like, 'Oh, yeah. I mean this seems reasonable or logical. "But then it really hit me that I worked with a huge piercing, and yeah, now I definitely have a no-piercing policy," Wilson said in a video shared on Instagram earlier this month.

In a 2016 interview with British magazine Marie Claire, Wilson discussed Baron Cohen's desire to film a nude scene in The Brothers Grimsby, which she declined.

“You want to know that the people (behind the camera) have some sensitivity and decency,” Ella Wilson said at the time. "And a lot of times in comedy, those people are not those people."

"Rebel Rising" is scheduled for release on April 2.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Cher's Anniversary Celebration: Proclaiming 'It's Never Too Late' for Love with Alexander Edwards

 Even if Cher, 77, could go back in time, nothing would change about her relationship with Alexander "A.E." Edwards, 37 years old.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, the "Strong Enough" singer declared that she is very happy with Edwards on the one-year anniversary of her relationship. "He's a very special person," she told the outlet. "I hate it when people say I'm special, but I can say he's special because so many people say I'm special."

The two met at Paris Fashion Week in 2022, where Cher said they only interacted for "about 15 minutes." Things went smoothly after her friend gave him music producer Cher's phone number. "I told all my friends, 'We're too old to date really younger men and we'll never fall in love over text,' so I told them not to. I did what I said I would do!'' Cher joked with people.

But despite their differences, the Moonstruck actress has grown even more in her faith in her love after their first year together. "No matter what happens, I love being with him," she said. "He makes me laugh and we have a good time. What I've learned is that it's never too late. Once you write down all the stats, you're like, 'Well, this is destiny.' But we've been together for a year.'' And if it's only been a year, you'll be like, ``It was worth it. We had a great time.''

Edwards is a singer, producer, and his vice president of A&R at Def Jam Records. He was previously in a relationship with model and rapper Amber Rose from 2018 to 2021.

Meanwhile, Cher was married to her former singing partner Sonny Bono from 1964 to 1975, and musician Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979.

As two stars with an interest in music, it's no surprise that Cher and Edwards recently collaborated in the studio. In fact, Edwards produced the song "Drop Top Sleigh Ride" for Cher's first Christmas LP, Christmas. The album will be released on October 20th.

"Aditi Mangaldas' 'Forbidden': A Bold Exploration of Post-Menopausal Sexual Pleasure"

 Is it bold enough for a 63-year-old woman to speak publicly about her sexuality? Is it bold enough for a 63-year-old woman to headline her own solo dance performance, an art form most associated with youth? Needless to say, I witness my grandmother enjoying the sensations as her body twitches, pulses, and explodes with desire. There's nothing sleazy about Forbidden. Aditi Mangaldas, India's renowned Kathak artist, has created works that are serious and sensitive, yet openly and quietly outraged at the double standards imposed on male and female sexuality. Forbidden is the heroic image of women as objects and sources of desire.

The New Delhi-based choreographer has studied Kathak dance since childhood, and her work draws on its classical roots in contemporary dance and theatrical language. Her three sections are Awakening Desire, "Playing the Game," and Igniting Expectations of Femininity. The first is the most classical, in which the Mangaldas dance with crisp lines and flourishes, spiraling around the stage. Her gestures show how flowers bloom, the girl's curves take shape, and her senses flutter with every blink of her expressive fingers. But whether she was surprised or censored, she is also seen covering her mouth with her hand and carelessly grabbing her body multiple times, turning something natural into something shameful. .

Later, she was inspired by the Kama Sutra about the charms of eating mango leaves to freshen her breath and wearing a nine-pearl necklace, which is commanded to make women become their desirable selves. Read the text that gave you the ration. The shining bells on her ankles serve as ornaments for her body, but perhaps also as fetters.

With Mangaldas alone on stage, lighting by the virtuoso Michael Hulls, and a score by Nicky Wells that blends Indian and international sounds, they create a world that is dizzying, confusing, sensual, and at times disturbing. When Mangaldas takes control of the story under angry red lighting, we see his hand make the same delicate motion of opening a flower, but then he tosses it aside. He became more and more in touch with himself as an animal.

Mangaldas does not seek to end men's desires, but to embrace women's desires. While the dance has its moments of gentleness (not all of them are glamorous), her voice certainly feels like an important voice in the cry to end shame. . A sophisticated yet radical image of a postmenopausal woman who resists oppression and embraces pleasure.

Madonna's Dazzling Performance: The Queen of Pop Shines with Her Greatest Hits


The audience applauded each choreographed step of Madonna as she shared her origins as "broke, hungry and homeless" and passionately kissed a topless dancer. .

When Madonna addressed the crowd for the first time at the O2 Arena (her third song into the opening night of her Celebration tour), it was to express her surprise. "I'm so surprised she's made it this far," she says. “And I mean, on so many levels.”

Well, quite a bit. This is a statement that can be interpreted in several ways. That may be a reference to her life-threatening health issues that have forced her to postpone her current tour, but it appears to be influencing the audience's reaction to tonight's performance. The audience applauded her every choreographed dance step, as if she had triumphed against all odds. This may refer to Madonna's improbability of her becoming the best-selling recording artist of all time, given her poor start.

The first part of the retrospective is consumed by what one might call its origin story: The show's MC, RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen, returns to his hometown with $35 to his name. mentions that he arrived in New York from Michigan. Her performance of "Holiday" will be preceded by a recreation of Paradise Garage, a legendary Manhattan club not famous enough to host Madonna. He plays a distorted guitar on a ramshackle version of ``Burning Up,'' which he apparently played on stage at CBGB when he was still in a band called Breakfast Club. Meanwhile, technical issues with sound (you don't want to be backstage when contacting your reps) mean Madonna has to fill that time with some very funny stories from her younger days. ”Hungry and homeless. She lived for years in a rehearsal studio with no bathroom on the Lower East Side: "I actually went on dates with guys because they had showers! Yeah, blowjobs instead of showers!" ”

Or maybe it's referring to the fact that Madonna is still here, filling arenas and stadiums long after most of her '80s pop peers have passed away (a brief tribute to Prince later in the show) , and is soundtracked by a guitar solo that he contributed). However, it is not included in the released version of this song) or operates under very restricted circumstances. Still, her long-held status as Wikipedia's "Queen of Pop" appears to have been visibly shaken in recent years.

It's been more than a decade since Madonna released a single that reached the US Top 10. Songs that were reasonably expected to be successful (2022's ``Material Girl,'' a review with rapper Saucy Santana, and this year's clearly underwhelming collaboration ``Vulgar'' with Sam Smith) mostly charted. I haven't. Her last tour, a series of stage shows in the ill-fated 2019-2020, saw her back catalog treated as if it were a nuisance, performing 11 songs from the snubbed Madame Balance album. He mostly ignored the hits in favor of reminding the audience of the songs. That's what made her famous in the first place.

The section dealing with her life ends with one of the show's most surprising moments. "Live to Tell" will be rebroadcast as a memorial to those who died in the AIDS epidemic, with Madonna floating above the audience on her podium and large photographs of celebrities projected. The New York nightlife lost to his illness – Keith Haring, Arthur Russell, Robert Mapplethorpe – is projected around him. Some might argue that the show has lost its sense of narrative thread since then. It would be hard to describe this transition, which blends ``Human Nature,'' ``Crazy for You,'' and ``Justify My Love'' with readings of the apocalypse, as anything more than puzzling, but it does have clarity. What it lacks in, it makes up for in the tracklist.

Despite all the Biblical references, Gurdjieff quotes are projected onto the big screen, and there are occasional detours into something approaching deep-cut territory - Madonna's daughter Marcy plays the piano on a cover of Bad Girls. Play - a single but not a blockbuster hit from 1992's Erotica: What the Celebration Tour really does is the simple business of making the crowd explode with hits. Although some may sometimes question her choice of hits (does anyone go to a Madonna concert hoping to hear her version of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"? ), but for the most part she operates very safely. Ground. .

There's a creative recreation of Vogue's Drag Her Balls. She performs "Hung Up" amid writhing topless dancers. One of them is the one he enthusiastically confronts at the song's climax. The Celebration Tour could be seen as a kind of surrender, with the 60-something artist finally admitting that his story is what really matters. Similarly, you can see Madonna playing to her strengths. As “Like a Virgin” and “Ray of Light” resonate on the O2, their strengths certainly seem very strong.